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Two autonomous beings discovering, reaching, and challenging the limits of connection.



Exceeding Expectations

Providing a refuge for you and your horse to be transparently learning on your journey together. In lessons the focus is for the rider to obtain the understanding and feel of the functional horse. The lunging, work in hand and riding in shoulder-in and haunches-in movements are a few of the basic exercises utilized to help find the balance, alignment and connection. Designed to always exceed your expectations with honest caring horsemanship.


Committed to Quality

Offering a range of flexible options specifically tailored for the optimum education for your horse. One on one time with the trainer is essential for your horse to understand the balance and lightness necessary in self-carriage. Committed to quality experiences building a solid foundation for your horse both physically and mentally.


Developing Joy

Contact in advance to reserve clinic space at your barn. Group learning is multiplied fun and growth, take advantage of the power in connection. Additional information available upon request.


Learning body and mind awareness to dance with joy

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