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A lifetime of living for horses lead eight-year-old Kelsey to join in the 4-H Horseless-Horse Program. In this time the joy of horses fully captivated her. And the love of her first pony, Helicons Sally Sue known by some as Toni, cemented the bonds of devotion. Through open shows, breed shows, exhibitions and the Wisconsin Interscholastic Horsemanship Association the fascination and love for the horse continued to grow with Kelsey. Even through college while working towards a BS in Environmental Studies, Geography minor and GIS Certificate horses were in every spare moment. An internship at McCrea Farm lead to a working student position at Barbier Farm where Kelsey received professional training with Brazilian Lusitano Stallions. An exceptional rider and a talented horsewoman have become of the horse infatuated little girl. As Kelsey believes that true learning never stops, she eagerly looks forward to sharing what she knows and learning with you.

Debra Barbier
Dominique Barbier
Lauren Schultz


Barbier Farms

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