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Helicon Horsemanship, the Story Behind the Name

You are likely wondering why I would choose this strange and specific name for a horse training business, well here is the story...

There is a Greek mountain, Helicon, that stands tall still today with some interesting tails to tell. According to Greek Mythology, it is the source of two sacred springs, Aganippe and Hippocrene. They both contain híppos (horse) in their names, very foreshadowing. One of the tails of Helicon most symbolic to me is the origin of Hippocrene. It begins with Medusa and Poseidon's offspring Pegasus.

Poseidon was not just god of water he also is known as the lord of horses and created the first horse, Skyhippos, by striking his trident against a rock! The famous winged horse, Pegasus, was born at Medusa's death. She was killed by the hand of Perseus with the aid of Athena and Hermes. Athena carried the young Pegasus to the magical and medicinally plentiful mountain Helicon. There the Muses dwell and Pegasus was placed in their care.

It was Pegasus with powers of water from his father that struck the rock on mount Helicon so forcefully a spring came forth. The Muses, considered the source of all knowledge sciences, literature, and arts, held Pegasus spring sacred. And the mountain and spring became to all an emblem of poetic and artistic inspiration. Dare I say created by the horse, how overreachingly symbolic.

Perhaps a reason closer to my heart and less visually saturated with symbolism is my first pony, Helicons Sally Sue. She was a Welsh pony, known by some as "Toni da pony". As with all horses, she had divine love powerful and life-changing. She created a mythical mount Helicon all around her and she herself was the powerful Pegasus. Safe from the outside dangers she transformed life into a wondrous joy like an ever giving spring.

Thus the name and elements of the logo symbolic of moving poetry and the joy of the horse!